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  Children born between 1st October 2008 and 30th September 2009  
  Application forms will be available online from 18th July to 25th July 2011 only.  
  All completed forms (printout of form filled in online) are to be deposited in the Drop Box at the School Gate by 28th July 2011 (4pm).  
  Please Note  
  • Kindly Submit form only after completing all details.
  • Only ONE form per candidate is to be deposited.
  • No forms will be accepted ON LINE after 25th July 2011.
  • No forms may be deposited after 28th July 2011 (4pm).
  • Incorrect or incomplete forms will be considered invalid.
  • No changes should be made in the Print Out of the Form.
  • Forms submitted via fax, e mail or any mode other than stated will not be accepted.
  • No photocopies of forms will be accepted.
  • Forms will not be considered if Application Fee is paid at an incorrect bank branch or after the stipulated date.
  • All candidates are required to submit a current certificate of Health & Fitness from a registered Medical Practitioner
  • Lists of those selected for the next stage of the Admission process will be available on our website : after 11am on 23rd Sep. ‘11.
  • Submitting the form does not guarantee admission.
  • Recommended cases will be disqualified.
   Kindly follow instructions carefully before proceeding.  
  STEP 1  
  1. Fill in the form online. Categories marked with an * must be completed.

  2. Please write ‘N A’ if a category is Not Applicable.

  3. Press the 'Submit Application' button to submit the form.
  STEP 2  
a.   Once the form is submitted, printout of the form and Pay-In Slips can be obtained immediately by clicking on the 'Print this form' link at the top of the page. The form may also be printed later. The details submitted will be saved.
b.   Print out the form and Pay-In Slips in Executive Bond A4 Size paper.
You will require 4 such sheets (three for the form and one for the Pay-In Slips).




    Kindly retain :
  • a photocopy of the completed form for future reference.
  • "Parent's copy" of Pay-in slip till admission process is completed.

Admission Process will not be possible without these Documents

  STEP 3  

Kindly ensure :

  • that the 3 photographs are attached
  • that the form is signed
  • that a current certificate of Health & Fitness from a registered Medical Practioner is attached.
  STEP 4  
  Make the application fee payment at the listed HDFC Bank Ltd. by 3pm between 18th July to 28th July 2011.
View list of branches where payments may be made.
  STEP 5  
  Completed Form is to be deposited in the Drop Box at the School Gate
by 28th July 2011 (4pm).

Staple documents in the following order :

  1. School Copy of Pay In Slip
  2. Application Form
  3. Certificate of Health and Fitness
  After form has been completed online :  

Select option  
Enter Candidate's Code : View Submitted Details  
Enter Candidate's Date of Birth: Take Printout of Form & Pay-In Slip  
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